G W Tickler can offer 5 different types of hay in 2 different bale sizes to cater for all of your horses requirements. These include meadow, seeds, timothy & rye, thrashed rye grass and Alfalfa hay. All of the hay is produced by ourselves across our farming area.


Meadow Hay– Our meadow hay is cut and made in June. It is produced from permanent pastures containing a wide variety of grasses herbs and wild flowers. It is an easily digested sweet smelling hay ideal for native breeds.


Seeds hay – Produced from a 2nd cut of Italian rye grass ley where the earlier cut is produced as haylage . The hay is cut in July ideally, producing a high energy high protein hay ideal for horses in work.

Timothy & Rye

Timothy& Rye – this hay is a mixture of Italian rye grass and Timothy grass, a highly palatable hay with good energy for in work horses.

Thrashed Rye Grass hay

Thrashed Rye Grass hay – One of our most popular products a low protein palatable hay it is ideal for out of work/lamanitic horses and ponies.


Alfalfa Hay – Also known as Lucerne is palatable and an excellent source of nutrients typically higher in protein and calcium. It is suitable for horses with high nutrient requirements such as lactating mares, young growing horses and horses with poor appetites. This product is also supplied to zoos for example Chester Zoo, Flamingo land and Woburn safari park.

Bale sizes

Small Conventional

Small conventional 25kg hand held bale

Midi Hesston

Midi Heston Bale ( 8x4x3 ft) weight approx 500kg

Both Small conventional and Midi Hesston